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Boundary Road: Cocktails & Appetizers

March 27, 2012

Friends and I convened at Boundary Road last weekend for some drinks and appetizers.  My initial reaction: the drinks and few plates we sampled were fine, but what I liked best about the restaurant was its casual vibe.  Specifically, I appreciated the exposed brick, long wooden tables, open kitchen, and the extremely friendly and polite...
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Toki Underground’s ramen may just be worth the wait

January 18, 2012

It’s Taiwanese, not Japanese.  It’s Hakata-style, not Hakata.  I just call it — damn good.  However you describe it, the fact is that Toki Underground’s ramen hits the spot especially on those cold, winter nights.  And at $10 a bowl, it’s a deal.  The extra money in my pocket can now go to staples like wine,...
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