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You’re probably wondering about the name. “Ellinida” is the phonetic spelling of the Greek word for “Greek woman”. I love to talk about food, new restaurants I’ve tried, my latest cooking experiments, and my eternal love for bacon and other pork products. So, I figured why not create this website as a way to share these passions with you.

My mother’s cooking was my introduction to the culinary world. Growing up, I loved watching her in the kitchen. Her sauces are unbelievable and to this day I’m relatively certain that their secret ingredient has been some sort of illegal, addictive substance. I consider my mom one of the best cooks I know and that’s why this website is dedicated, in part, to her. Growing up Greek, food was a way of showing love and affection. Meals were informal (albeit loud) events that were served family style.

In that spirit, the point of this website is to talk about food without pretense. So grab a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage, since this blog is much more entertaining when you’re drinking, and read on. I hope you enjoy my musings and that you can share my enthusiasm for good food, good people, and good times!

Stin iyiasas!

(Translation: “To Your Health” or “Cheers”)

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