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Best lobster roll in DC?

Winning lobster roll -- Luke's!

I’ve been on a search lately for the best lobster roll in DC.  Yes, this search is being conducted simultaneously with my search for the best burger in DC.  I can multitask.  For those New Englanders out there, you may be laughing and thinking just how ridiculous and futile my search must be.  I know I’m from Texas and I’ve had a lobster roll in New England . . . once.  I like to think I know good food.  And I think DC sometimes doesn’t get the recognition it deserves — it’s been making culinary leaps and bounds in recent years.  So far, my overall assessment is that there are some really good options out there to offset those that miss the mark.  Below I assess four versions of lobster rolls I’ve eaten around town recently in order of increasing preference.  Check it out and chime in with your thoughts on the best lobster roll in DC!

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Jack Rose


July 6, 2011: Drinks at Jack Rose (on 18th St. near U St. NW) with one of my best friends. We had drinks and snacks up on the rooftop deck. I tried the veggie sandwich this time based on another friend’s recommendation. It was quite tasty. The veggies are grilled and topped with goat cheese. For a meatless sandwich, it’s quite hearty and satisfying. By the way, since my initial review, Jack Rose has opened up its first floor. For now, it’s only open Fridays and Saturdays and I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. I’ll report back when I do.