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Ulah Bistro

July 17, 2011: Brunch with another friend at Ulah Bistro (U Street NW between 12th & 13th). I had the egg and cheese sandwich which was ok. I actually ordered the breakfast burger which is supposed to be awesome (hamburger, bacon, and fried egg all inside the same bun!) but the bartender got my order wrong. Oh well. If anyone tries the breakfast burger, let me know what you think!



July 16, 2011: Brunch with my good friend at Estadio (14th & Church NW). We split the grilled country bread with jamon and manchego. I followed that up with the fried eggs with chorizo and morcilla hash. There was no sharing on this one! Folks, don’t be turned off by the blood sausage in this dish. Give this dish a chance and I guarantee you’ll like it. The blood sausage in this dish tastes like any other sausage. Trust me!



July 13, 2011: Dinner at Posto (14th & Church NW) with friends. I always get the octopus salad as a starter. So good! The group shared cheese and charcuterie. Pecorino toscano is a must try if you’re getting cheese. It’s an aged pecorino with a rich, salty flavor that is unique. As I’ve been trying to lay off the carbs (“trying” being the operative word), I ordered the branzino (aka Mediterranean sea bass) for my entree. It came with braised fennel, escarole, and golden raisins in a caper sauce. Lovely and light.


Jack Rose


July 6, 2011: Drinks at Jack Rose (on 18th St. near U St. NW) with one of my best friends. We had drinks and snacks up on the rooftop deck. I tried the veggie sandwich this time based on another friend’s recommendation. It was quite tasty. The veggies are grilled and topped with goat cheese. For a meatless sandwich, it’s quite hearty and satisfying. By the way, since my initial review, Jack Rose has opened up its first floor. For now, it’s only open Fridays and Saturdays and I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. I’ll report back when I do.