Tasty forkfuls!

June 6, 2012

I’ve had some tasty treats on my fork lately.  Check them out!


Cheese plate at Boqueria (with pan con tomato)

I love the simplicity of Boqueria’s pan con tomato that comes with the cheese plate and other dishes.  The albondigas are exceptional as is the tomato-based sauce in which they’re nestled.  The only thing missing was a huge hunk of crusty to mop up all that sauce.  The bacon wrapped dates are amazing, but can one ever go wrong with bacon wrapped dates — most likely not.


Every time I visit Graffiato, I find one or two new dishes that I like.  On my last two visits, I thought the roasted cauliflower, octopus and crispy lamb were beyond solid.

El Centro‘s queso fundido with chorizo topper is too good for words.  Make sure to ask for extra tortillas as there are never enough!  It’s a great dish to share especially when enjoying 1/2 price sangria carafes on El Centro’s patio (every Sunday, starting at 5 pm).

I just tried Cleveland Park’s Medium Rare for the first time.  I’m probably the last one to check it out, I know.  For the (still) uninitiated, the arrangement is simple.  You pay $19.50 (plus tax & tip).  In return, you get crusty bread, a nice salad, and two servings of frites and sliced steak with secret sauce.  It’s not fancy, but it satisfied my steak cravings without the large bill or that overstuffed, gluttonous, sleepy feeling afterwards.


For dinner, Mintwood Place’s duck with sauerkraut was the perfect synergy of salty, rich, sweet and tangy. For brunch, I was impressed by the bacon and onion flammekueche with a fried egg topper.  I think I love this place a little more each time I visit.  Every dish I’ve tried has been well-executed and expertly composed.



Speaking of fried egg-topped brunch dishes, I also enjoyed Belga Cafe’s Mais Wafels:  Cornbread waffle, pulled pork, and fried eggs.  Delicious!

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