Check out my maps on Urbantag!

May 16, 2012

What is this Urbantag, you ask?  It’s a cool website and iPhone app (soon coming to an Android near you) that provides a single platform to share places with people you trust, ensuring that your favorites are always available, social, and current.  It works by creating “maps” or lists of restaurants or other establishments that you like or . . . don’t like.  You can “follow” the maps of friends or other local experts here in DC as well as in other select cities in the US and abroad.  You can also keep track of places you’ve visited by “checking in,” create maps of places you want to visit next, and post updates to Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve been using Urbantag to bookmark and share places I love. I’ve built a few maps, including one of my favorite restaurants in DC. Check them out here.

My maps are constantly evolving, but I’m eager to get input from all of you.  Once you follow me on Urbantag, you can also access Urbantag by downloading the iPhone app here.

I encourage you all to give this product a try.  Once you’re all set up, post a comment here and let me know what you think.  What kind of Urbantag maps do you think I should make next?


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