Food Truck Review: Tacos from Takorean

July 8, 2011
Yesterday, I *happened* to pass by the Takorean food truck around the time people eat what’s commonly known as lunch.  I can’t pass up a good taco, especially given that one of Takorean’s options yesterday was a beef bulgogi taco.  Beef bulgogi is a delicious Korean dish.  In simple terms, it’s beef that has been marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, peppers and other yummy stuff.  At the truck, I opted for two tacos: the beef bulgogi and tofu.  They were also offering a chicken taco but I felt like that would be too safe a choice.  Plus, I actually do like tofu despite my love of the meats.  Tacos are $3.50 a piece, but you can get 3 tacos for $9.   Though I found that two tacos were filling enough for me.


Each taco comes with your choice of meat or tofu nestled in two corn tortillas and topped with Sriracha (hot) sauce, cilantro, lime crema (a/k/a lime flavored sour cream), one of two types of slaw, and sprinkled with sesame seeds.  Your slaw options are napa romaine or kimchi.  The tacos were tasty.  In fact, I may have like the tofu taco more than the beef!  I know, insane!!   It’s probably becaues the tofu soaked up the hoisin marinade resulting in a spicy, salty finished product.  Now, my one big disappointment was the kimchi slaw.   I thought it would be real kimchi until I re- read the description on Takorean’s website a little more closely. It accurately states that you’re getting cabbage with a “kimchi style sauce”.   Daggers!  So much for my reading comp skills.  The slaw didn’t do much for me, but it’s a necessary component of a good taco — you need the crunch to add some texture and brine to the savory filling. Maybe Takorean can consider souping up the kimchi sauce a bit and/or marinating the cabbage a little longer so as to absorb more of its flavor.  I guess using real kimchi might be too expensive…


So Takorean is a good choice if you’re looking for a quick lunch and are in the mood for some Asian-style tacos.  They change up their taco menu periodically.  For example, today they will be featuring a special short rib taco.  Sounds awesome.  Now where did they say they will be parked . . . hmm.

Until next time folks, remember, life’s too short to eat crappy food!

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