Review: BBQ Food Truck

March 31, 2011
For my first blog entry, I’ve decided to write about today’s experience with the newest addition to the DC food truck scene: Carnivore BBQ (  While these guys may be new to the growing list of food purveyors via truck, they are certainly not new to BBQ.  That’s clear.
For those who don’t know, Carnivore BBQ offers two options, pulled pork and brisket.  Each comes with a topping of cole slaw and your choice of one of three sauces.  Ok, all that’s explained on the website so let’s get to the biz-ness.  I chose pork (duh, did you miss the blog’s title?).  First, I was doled out a heaping helping of pulled pork on a nice firm bun.  Then, anxiety hit.  I had to choose a sauce.  Aggh! Foodie’s dilemma: the pulled pork purist in me said “the vinegar sauce, of course”.  Yet, a little voice inside me also wanted to try out their Memphis (tomato-based) sauce.  I asked for vinegar on the pork and a sample of the Memphis sauce.  The two guys operating the truck were very friendly and indulged my request.  Crisis averted.  The additional sauce was well worth it, but I’ll get to that in a little bit.The pork was tender with just enough fatty-ness to keep it succulent, but not so much that I was grossed out.  The cole slaw supplied a nice dose of crunch and brine.  But for me, the best part of the sandwich — hands down — was the bottom half of the bun that waited patiently for me, while I diligently worked through the pile of pork. (I know, it’s tough to be me.) The bun’s better half had soaked up all that porky fatty goodness and a bit of the vinegar.  Top that off with a bit of the pork and . . . Delicious!

Now back to the Memphis sauce.  I learned my lesson: my gut never steers me wrong! The fact that I was debating between these two sauces meant I should have asked for both sauces on my sandwich.  What held me back was that the Memphis sauce was described as sweet. I don’t like sweet on my pulled pork.  However, I’d describe the Memphis sauce as a little sweet but with enough of a briny undertone that it ends up working with the vinegar sauce to complement the pork while not overpowering it.  So, my recommendation? Ask that both sauces be added to your pulled pork sandwich.

This pork lover (not the legislative kind) couldn’t finish the entire meal despite being ravenous when she started in on the sandwich.  Next time I see those guys I’ll try the brisket.  Their website describes it as “better than Texas.”  Hmmph.  This Texas girl will be the judge of that.

I’m off to nap and shake off my pork-induced coma.  Until next time, folks: happy eating, traveling, and life living.

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