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Adam Express

Bibimbap (Before)

I first read about Adam Express on Prince of Petworth (a/k/a PoP).  It’s one of the reasons I love PoP! It always brings me news about places that I’d usually just walk right past without even giving them a first, much less second, glance.  It’s taken me a while to try Adam Express, but I finally did today. Damn, it’s good.

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The Sweet, Succulent Honey Pig


Why have I once again ventured into the ‘burbs? Why else? Food. This time it’s lunch at the Honey Pig in Annandale, VA.  (By the way, good luck understanding the website.)

I’ve heard people rave about this place including the chefs at BLT Steak. So my friend and I (you may know him as “Fancy Pants” from my Volt review a few months ago) braved today’s brutal heat to see if this place lived up to the hype.  First, a warning.  Don’t be discouraged by the no frills decor or service.  To those that might get nervous about eating at places that look “divey,” I offer this friendly piece of advice:  Get over it!  Some of the tastiest food I’ve eaten has come in a no-frills package.  The Honey Pig is no exception.   After receiving some recommendations from our waitress, we settle on the spicy pork belly and the beef bulgogi.

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