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Review: Oh Fish! was Oh My!


Usually the words “fast food sushi” evoke feelings of fear and my bowels cringe a little.  I’ve always steered clear of food court sushi or similar establishments because I’m an elitist and very picky about my sushi.  Yet, when Chef Kaz Okochi’s name is attached, I have no qualms about checking it out.  As some of you may know, I first wrote about Chef Kaz’s newest venture, Oh Fish! (19th between L and M Sts. NW) in August.  I didn’t get a chance to try it out until today.   I passed this place TWICE before I noticed the unassuming store front.  After I worked up an appetite wandering around like a fool, I walked in to what is now my favorite “fast food” sushi place in DC.  I suggest you check this place out as often as you can!  It’s a bowl-cringe-free zone.

(Check out my prior review for details about the menu and set-up.)

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Restaurant preview: Oh Fish! — the latest endeavor from Chef Kaz

One of my favorite sushi places in town, hands down, is Kaz Sushi Bistro (I St. NW between 19th & 20th).  The decor is understated, the food is top notch.  Above all else, Chef Kaz Okochi really does focus on the quality and variety of fish he offers and the techniques used to prepare said fish.  And it’s safe to say that he’s been doing this quite successfully for many years now.


While he’s been involved in recent joint ventures, like El Centro D.F. and Masa 14, with Richard Sandoval (of Zengo, La Sandia, etc.), Kaz has also been busy with a new venture of his very own – Oh Fish!  The idea behind Oh Fish!, located at the corner of 19th & L St. NW, is to let the consumer make their own sushi.  So, you pick (1) the size of your roll — large or “skinny”;  (2) your fish; (3) a few veggies; (4) opt for one or more additional toppings like fish roe or sesame seeds; and (5) the sauce (soy, wasabi soy, spicy mayo, etc.).


Boom! Your very own, made-to-order sushi roll.

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Review: What happened to Cafe Asia? Go to Kaz instead.

cafe asia

Last night I had dinner at Cafe Asia with one of my besties (translation: best friend).  Near the end of our meal, bestie asks me: “What happened to Cafe Asia? It used to be such a scene.” Good question, bestie. Good question. I don’t know what happened.  I remember dining there often several years ago and thinking it was pretty good sushi in a cool, funky environment.  Since then I’ve been to Cafe Asia twice trying to use the Groupon I purchased on a whim, thinking that Cafe Asia hadn’t changed.

Mistake.  Cafe Asia has undergone some renovations.  It has a new look and a new approach to executing their dishes.  I’m not a fan of either.Yeah, I said it.The new look seems oppressive to me.  The two times I’ve been there in the last six months (trying to rack up $40 worth of food so I could use my Groupon), I’ve felt claustrophobic.  It’s as if I’m walking into a sad basement with poor lighting and furniture I’d find in a hotel conference room.

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