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The Drafting Table: Hipster starter kits and an eclectic menu


Plaid shirt. Skinny jeans. Horn-rimmed glasses. Am I seeing double or are both bartenders wearing the same outfit? Several minutes later it dawns on me. The matching outfits thing was no accident. They’re donning the hipster uniform!

That said, I can’t say I felt unwelcome at the Drafting Table given my clearly unhipster-like attire and my decision to order wine instead of beer that comes in an overly illustrated can and has an ironic name that I just don’t get. In fact, the vibe at the Drafting Table is casual and unassuming. The menu is eclectic — though eggs make an appearance several times — but not intimidating. Dishes include a falafel platter, egg sandwich, mussels, and fish and chips. I was pleasantly surprised by the Draftsman burger, which brings together ground beef and braised brisket topped with crispy blue cheese, apricot chutney, and bacon-onion jam. It’s really quite delicious. There’s also something called the snickers pie, which is made in house and is just as good as you’re imagining it could be. The falafel platter, however, left much to be desired. The falafel was dry and as bland as the “lemon hummus” which accompanied it.

I’m not quite sure what to think of the Drafting Table yet. I’d like to return and try the kaya toast which involves sweet coconut jam, sunny side-up eggs, and soy broth. I’m not sure what to expect but I’m intrigued.

Drafting Table
1529 14th Street NW 
Hours: Mon-Wed: 4-11pm
       Thurs: 4pm-12am
       Fri: 4pm-2am
       Sat: 8 am -2am
       Sun: 8am-12am


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Update to Burger Wars: PS7′s Chef’s Choice Burger

I knew I’d found the one when I couldn’t stop thinking about . . . it. Yes, “it”.  I’ve found my new favorite burger in the city, but it’s not served at any of the numerous burger joints around town, some of which I’ve already reviewed.  (Check out those reviews here.)   It’s called the Chef’s Choice burger at PS7′s and it’s glorious.  The burger is a  house-made brioche bun filled with well-seasoned and flavorful beef, melted gruyere cheese, a fried egg, house-cured bacon, roasted tomatoes, and house-made pickles.  Enough said.


Burger Wars: Best burger in DC?

BBP's Sweet Potato Fries, vanilla "spiked" milkshake, and Philly burger

It used to be the case that a burger was just a burger.  It was greasy and cheap.  When did the burger become elevated to a gourmet food?  And when did opening a gourmet burger shop become the new thing to do?  Burgers and milkshakes are the focus of the newest burger joint to hit DC streets: Bobby Flay’s Bobby’s Burger Palace or “BBP” for short.

Recently, I hit the streets, checking out BBP, Shake Shack, and BGR The Burger Joint to see what the fuss was all about.  Which is my favorite? Read on!  The answer isn’t simple.  Each place offers its own variations — some better than others — on the classic burger.

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Bobby’s Burger Palace: Who’s been crunchified?


Last week, Bobby Flay’s long-awaited Bobby’s Burger Palace (a/k/a “BBP”) opened its 2121 K St. NW location.  As expected, the lines snaked down K Street as everyone wanted to get “crunchified” right away.  I usually steer clear of new places in the first few weeks after their grand opening because of the mayhem.  I really hate wasting precious minutes of my life waiting in line.  I mean, really.  It’s maddening!

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