Adios, Espita Mezcaleria

August 18, 2017

Hey readers,
I recently dined at Espita Mezcaleria for probably the fourth time since it opened, but the first time since the owner’s brother-in-law took over as chef. When someone asks me whether I like Espita Mezcaleria, my answer now will be “I used to like it.” What’s my beef? Here we go.

1. Tiny tacos, big price. I paid $12 for two tiny fish tacos. The vegetarian tacos are a “steal” at only $9 and other tacos also range from $9-$12. Weren’t there three tacos to an order before the new chef came on board or am I making that up? If I’m making it up, then my advice is they should add an extra taco to each order and keep the price the same because those tiny tacos were neither filling nor special.

2. Confession – I love butter. BUT I don’t need a bowl of melted butter (and some broth) with some corn kernels floating in it. What am I referring to? It’s the re-imagined “elote” or Mexican-style corn which used to be served on-the-cob, but now is off-the-cob. I like that de-cobbed corn helps me to retain my dignity and cleanliness  in public as I avoid gnawing on the cob for those golden kernels (though, at home, I’m all for it).  That said, I don’t need to fish around in the bowl for my corn.  Moreover, the extra fat and calories do not make this corn extra special.

3. My friend and I also tried the “col rizada,”  which is a kale salad with avocado, “nuts and seeds” (because why be specific?) and queso fresco. Um, yeah. That was fine. It may have resembled something I could get at Sweetgreens, but in a much smaller portion for roughly the same price.

4. The menu has been culled down quite a bit in the interest of focusing on “elevated” and “labor-intensive” dishes, according to a Washingtonian article. I’m a fan of elevated when it is also satisfying. I don’t think a labor-intensive dish matters to me if I’m done eating it in 3 bites and it isn’t satisfying.

Overall, the service was nice, but the food was disappointing and I left hungry.  I hope they make some changes quickly because I’m thinking I won’t be back for a fifth time any time soon.

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