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February 27, 2013

Courtesy Döner Bistro

Amsterdam Falafel better watch out. Döner Bistro is only a few blocks away and, like Amsterdam, its food tastes good to both the inebriated and sober alike. Plus, Döner has beer and wine!

On its website, Döner Bistro explains what it’s all about:

But what the f*** is a Döner?
The Döner Kebab (meaning “turning meat”) is a traditional Turkish dish served with rice on a platter.

In the 1970’s, a Turkish entrepreneur in Germany altered this dish by stuffing the Döner meat into a flatbread with salad and sauce.

This form better suited the German taste and hectic lifestyle, and its popularity quickly spread from Germany throughout Europe into Australia, Canada and across the world.

I’ll skip my commentary on the eatery’s claim that the döner is a Turkish invention or that it’s different than the Greek gyro. I enjoyed and recommend it in spite of all that. The bread is more substantial than pita and it’s toasted in a panini press, which adds value in two ways. It provides great texture (crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside) and it fortifies the bread to withstand the mounds of filling. The filling is sliced beef or chicken, lettuce, sweet ’n sour coleslaw, tomato-cucumber mix, onions, and garlic-yogurt sauce with fresh cucumbers (a/k/a tzatziki). I opted for an additional topping – feta cheese. I was in heaven. I needed a fork, yes. And, yes, I needed many napkins and did not look very dainty eating it. But it was awesome. It was so awesome and I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of it before I dove in.

There are lots of other options on the menu that made both my arteries cringe and my stomach rumble with delight. The döner box is a large paper cup filled with fries, döner meat, and topped with tzatziki. The schnitzel sandwich is what you’d expect – a sandwich with fried veal cutlet. Currywurst is beef or pork sausage, cut up, and smothered in curry-ketchup. You can add either fries or bread to make it a balanced meal. There’s also German bratwurst served with … you guessed it … fries or bread. There’s also ruffage for those that got lost on the way to Sweetgreens — a salad that one can top with feta, falafel, and/or döner meat.  I’ll add that while the menu isn’t low calorie, all the ingredients tasted fresh.

Döner Bistro
 1654 Columbia Rd.
 Washington, DC
 (other location in Leesburg)
Hours: Mon. – Thur: 11am – 11pm
       Fri. & Sat.: 11am – 3am
       Sun.: 11am – 11pm
Ph: 202 462 8355
Email: info@doenerbistro.com


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