Food truck roundup

Here’s the latest in my food truck adventures.


Lamb platter from Tasty Kabob

I tried Tasty Kabob’s lamb platter, which came with rice, side salad, and chick peas.  The portions were generous.  I liked the chick peas.  I was a little disappointed with the lamb which was actually gyro-style meat, cut into cubes so as to look like pieces of regular, non-compressed lamb.  On the positive side, it had good lamb flavor but was very salty.  Overall, it was solid especially if you like your food salty. I will warn you that after eating this meal, I was in a food coma for the rest of the afternoon.


Souvlaki Stop’s Gyro

Gyro from DC’s first Greek food truck — The Souvlaki Stop — was ok but also on the salty side and I think the feta was to blame. I can’t believe I’m about to say there can be such a thing as too much feta, but there can be.  The feta used was too salty to begin with and threw off the whole balance of the sandwich.  (When I tasted the gyro meat by itself, it was well seasoned but not salty.)  Overall, though, the gyro meat, pita, and tzatziki satisfied my gyro craving.

Of course, what’s better than a caramel popcorn chaser to a salty gyro?  Stella’s Popkern hit the spot and brought my taste buds back into neutral.  The popcorn was good and reminded me of my childhood snack Cracker Jacks, except Stella’s was way better.  Stella, where’s my prize??

Caramel popcorn from Stella’s Popkern


Last but not least, I checked out the Big Cheese.  My top two choices quickly sold out so I went for the Mt. Fuji — Mt. Tam brie, fuji apples, and honey, on multigrain bread.  It was good but a mushed mess.  I’m not sure there’s a way around this problem — other than eating the sandwich right on the spot — since anytime you wrap up a piping hot grilled cheese sandwich, soggy ensues.

Tune in next week for more food truck adventures.

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  1. Paul says:

    Tasty Kabob has had a semi-permanent food truck spot in Rosslyn. I find the key to not having a Tasty Kabob lunch be coma-inducing is to get the Lamb over Salad rather than the platter which has the rice. Not that the iceberg salad contributes much to the lunch but my motivation is to make the meal less heavy.

    Recently a Roti Mediterranean Grill opened in Rosslyn and I’ve come to prefer that option and it’s earned most of the lunch business I used to direct at Tasty Kabob.

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