Monthly Archives: March 2012

“Plates” Lunch at Capital Grille

March 29, 2012

I was invited to check out Chevy Chase Capital Grille’s special “Plates” lunch, also available at the Tyson’s Corner location. For $18, diners choose one plate from each of three categories. My friend and I chose the asparagus soup and mixed greens salad from the first category. (The third option in this category was...
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Boundary Road: Cocktails & Appetizers

March 27, 2012

Friends and I convened at Boundary Road last weekend for some drinks and appetizers.  My initial reaction: the drinks and few plates we sampled were fine, but what I liked best about the restaurant was its casual vibe.  Specifically, I appreciated the exposed brick, long wooden tables, open kitchen, and the extremely friendly and polite...
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First Look at Bistro Bohem

March 26, 2012

Bistro Bohem is a promising new addition to the Shaw area. The servers are friendly and upbeat and the vibe on a Saturday night was simultaneously energetic and low-key/casual. The restaurant makes the most of its tiny space by doing away with seating at the island/bar that sits in the middle of the restaurant. Similarly,...
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Elisir’s Tasting Menu

March 24, 2012

Three hours and seven courses later, I can only say that Elisir’s seven course tasting menu ($75) was average when compared to other tasting menus I’ve experienced.  In my book, it’s a bad sign when I’ve finished an extravagant meal and long for a nice, juicy burger to quell the lingering hunger.  My dining companions...
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Fujimar or Lima redux?

March 7, 2012

My good friend and I tried out the newly opened Fujimar.  It used to be Lima, but Lima still exists.  Let me try it this way: Fujimar occupies the second floor of Lima, but the ground floor and underground level are still the old Lima.  Are you with me? To make matters more confusing,...
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