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Take a Bite Out of Breast Cancer at Madam’s Organ on Oct. 27th!


Did you ever think you could combine your love of eating and drinking with a great cause?  Well, you can.  Join me and others as we Take a Bite out of Breast Cancer next month.

For the entire month of October, DC area chefs and restaurateurs have committed their establishments for one day, a week, or the entire month by generously donating a portion of their food and beverage sales to Take a Bite out of Breast Cancer -  an outreach and fundraising campaign focusing on educating Washington, DC area residents about the importance of early detection and awareness.  The program supports Pink Jams!, a DC area non-profit promoting breast cancer awareness to young men and women.

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Review: The Getaway – More than just a movie


The Getaway, just a few blocks north of the Tivoli Theater in Columbia Heights, is a cool neighborhood spot.  I checked it out this past Thursday evening for the first time and plan to return.  It happened to be trivia night and the lower level bar was packed! Once trivia was over, people started filling up the second level just as a movie, The Illusionist, started playing on one wall.  By the time my friends and I left, the second level was buzzing with people seated at tables or sprawled out on comfortable-looking leather couches.  The walls are adorned with pictures of race cars, Paul Newman, and Steve McQueen of course.  The restaurant’s name is a reference to the 1970s classic movie by the same name starring Steve McQueen.  You with me?

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Best lobster roll in DC?

Winning lobster roll -- Luke's!

I’ve been on a search lately for the best lobster roll in DC.  Yes, this search is being conducted simultaneously with my search for the best burger in DC.  I can multitask.  For those New Englanders out there, you may be laughing and thinking just how ridiculous and futile my search must be.  I know I’m from Texas and I’ve had a lobster roll in New England . . . once.  I like to think I know good food.  And I think DC sometimes doesn’t get the recognition it deserves — it’s been making culinary leaps and bounds in recent years.  So far, my overall assessment is that there are some really good options out there to offset those that miss the mark.  Below I assess four versions of lobster rolls I’ve eaten around town recently in order of increasing preference.  Check it out and chime in with your thoughts on the best lobster roll in DC!

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