The Sweet, Succulent Honey Pig

June 12, 2011

Why have I once again ventured into the ‘burbs? Why else? Food. This time it’s lunch at the Honey Pig in Annandale, VA.  (By the way, good luck understanding the website.)

I’ve heard people rave about this place including the chefs at BLT Steak. So my friend and I (you may know him as “Fancy Pants” from my Volt review a few months ago) braved today’s brutal heat to see if this place lived up to the hype.  First, a warning.  Don’t be discouraged by the no frills decor or service.  To those that might get nervous about eating at places that look “divey,” I offer this friendly piece of advice:  Get over it!  Some of the tastiest food I’ve eaten has come in a no-frills package.  The Honey Pig is no exception.   After receiving some recommendations from our waitress, we settle on the spicy pork belly and the beef bulgogi.

Our waitress places a grill on the burner that sits in the center of the table.  She fills it with strips of tender beef and long, thick-cut strips of pork belly slathered in a red sauce.  Make sure you say yes to the bean sprouts and kimchi that are offered as additional items to be grilled.  As we wait for our meats to cook, we are provided with a salad of lettuce with a few pickled onions and what appears to be a soy sauce-based dressing, a plate of freshly washed romaine lettuce leaves, a bowl of steamy rice, and a variety of condiments to enjoy with our meats including kimchi, a cold mashed potato salad, a salty gingery sauce and a sweet sesame sauce.  The waitress checks on the meat periodically and snips the beef and pork belly into bite size pieces once they’ve cooked through.

The one tasty bite that captures it all: take a lettuce leaf, place in it a few pieces of the pork belly, some rice, kimchi, a drizzle of the sweet, sesame sauce and wrap it all up.  Enjoy.   I encourage folks to be adventurous though.  Part of the fun is trying different combinations of the meat and condiments to see which work best for you.

I’d definitely try it again.  I’m not saying that I’d make a special trip out to Annandale just to dine at The Honey Pig, but then again I’m a city gal.  My trips into the ‘burbs are like surgical strikes.  I only enter for a limited purpose and I get in and out quickly.  I know what you’re thinking: the parallels between me and Special Forces are undeniable . . .

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