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Restaurant review: My Volt experience felt more like a fizzle

I was so excited.  Just like many others who’d watched Bryan Voltaggio on Bravo’s Top Chef, I’d been trying to get a reservation at his restaurant in Frederick, MD – Volt.  My friend and I had heard it was easier to get in for lunch.  On a whim, I checked Open Table on Friday.  Surprisingly, there was one lunch slot available for the next day.  Perfect! We could have a “destination lunch” (as my friend called it).  Yes, for me, Frederick is a destination since I rarely leave my neighborhood in DC much less DC entirely.  So, my day had come! My friend was so excited he didn’t even wear jeans, opting for a “smart casual” look composed of what I call “fancy pants” and a dress shirt.  When I got in the car, I felt a little under-dressed in my jeans and sweater.  Oh well, who cares. We were going to Volt!


Maybe it was because I had such high expectations that I walked out of Volt a little disappointed.  It was a good meal, but it wasn’t great.

Pork and kimchi dumplings — from scratch


My first attempt at making dumplings was a little frustrating.  I made the dumpling dough from scratch. It turned out to be quite difficult to keep it from sticking to my rolling pin unless I used a lot of extra flour to roll out each dumpling wrapper.

Regardless, they turned out great! I think they were worth the trouble. But just in case, I added a glass of wine as an additional reward.  (Yes, I’ve already started rewarding myself from the looks of the wine level in that glass.)

If you want to try to make these yourself, I used a recipe from Food & Wine magazine, available here:  If you have better luck with the dough, let me know!

Restaurant review: Ripple


A few days ago, three friends and I dined at Ripple in Cleveland Park.  It was our first experience there.  I think I speak for all of us when I say we were all pleased with both the food and service.